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Best Unlimited Plans in Australia

Posted on August 26, 2013.
There are some great Unlimited Plans for all you heavy mobile phone users. At a mimimum these plans included unlimited calls to mobile and landline numbers within Australia and unlimited text messages. However most plans do not cover calls to 13/1300/1800 numbers and voicemail retrivals, though some do. Check before signing anything. Here is a list of the best unlimited mobile plans in Australia.


 This recently launched plan is great if you already have a phone, and spend a lot of time on it. It comes with 4GB of data that should satisfy the most die hard of data users. 

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 If you need a phone with unlimited usage, Vodafone $45 Infinite Plan is the best option. Vodafone have some of the latest phones at $0 on a 2 year contract - Google Nexus S and HTC Legend to name a few. And for another $5 you can get the HTC Desire HD and the Motorola Milestone 2. The iPhone 4 is for an extra $15 per month.

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Unlimited free calls to Australian numbers and unlimited SMS to International and Australian numbers. Voicemail retrieval and calls to 13/1300 numbers are charged, but included in the $45 credit. 

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 Now we are getting to the more expensive end of Unlimited plans. All these plans carry a range of handsets. $79 Unlimited pack from Three includes free calls and SMS to Australian numbers but Voicemail and International Calls and SMS are charged on top of the Cap.

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 The cheekily names Virgin Topless was one of the first unlimited plans. In addition to free calls and text to Australian numbers, it also comes with free Voicemail and 4GB Data. All phones in the Virgin Mobile stable are free on this plan; Apple iPhone 4, LG Optimus Black, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, HTC Incredible S and Nokia N8 to name a few

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 Optus, like Telstra, haven't thrown their hat in the Unlimited ring just yet. Starting at $99 per month, Timeless Extreme plans fail to match up to market expectations. And given that many of Optus re-sellers, notably Amaysim, already offer very attractive unlimited deals, the incentive to take on this $99 plan is very low indeed. 

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